Unclad…A Start-up Story

I always struggled to find minimal, luxe, and sustainable clothing I wanted as a fashion lover. This led me to compromise my eco-friendly and ethical values by shopping fast fashion for the style I wanted.

I felt guilty, especially after taking a course in Global Production, where I learned about the unfair and dirty manufacturing processes behind 

the fast fashion industry.

Frustrated and searching for alternative options, I turned to digging through racks at Goodwill and resale stores, but I couldn’t always find the style I wanted. So, I refused to shop fast fashion to avoid contributing to the continuous cycle of waste.

As I dug deeper into the industry, I decided I wanted to develop my own sustainable fashion brand that is focused on establishing a conscious movement.

I created Unclad to be an ethical, vegan, and organic clothing brand that pledges never to use synthetic fabrics and no harmful chemicals, to support charitable causes, to embrace social responsibility, and to be affordable. Rather than contributing to mounting landfills, Unclad will instill slow fashion, eco-conscious habits, and radical change. The values I was seeking were clearly absent from the industry, so I developed our own.

I began researching, brainstorming, and planning, and UNCLAD was born.


Est. 03.25.2021